orphans in islam
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In the Quran, Allah (swt) complained to the Quraysh about their treatment of orphans:

‘No! But you do not honour the orphan…’ Al Fajr: 

In choosing an orphan as His Messenger, Allah (swt) raised the status of orphans everywhere. The Quran revolutionized their treatment, and made caring for orphans a compulsory part of the religion.

They ask you, [O Muhammad], what they should spend [in charity]. Say, “Whatever you spend of good is [to be] for parents and relatives and orphans and the needy and the traveller. And whatever you do of good - indeed, Allah is Knowing of it.”’ Al Baqarah: 215

This verse tells us orphans actually have the right to be taken care of. But with every right comes responsibility, and the Quran places this responsibility on the individual, meaning every Muslim should give to orphans in need.

At a public level, rulers have to make sure orphans are being given their share of charity and Zakat. As far as Islam is concerned, this money belongs to them.

’No! But you do not honour the orphan…’ Al Fajr: 17

By rebuking the Quraysh for dishonouring orphans, Allah (swt) is simultaneously telling us that orphans must be honoured and respected.

Not only are they entitled to receiving support; they also deserve to have dignity, just like all people do.


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