what does a kindergarten teacher should know ?
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What does a kindergarten teacher should know ?

To be a successful kindergarten teacher who does the duties correctly , you need many information and important skills to plan and execute their  job, So what do you need to know ?

Knowing the methods of teaching and planning is the most important information that has to be mastered through :

First : How to select the goals of each activity in cooperation with the foundation’s staff.

Second : How to choose the methods to execute them according to the applied approach.

Third :  How to redirect the children’s activity , and give the chances to share what they have correctly .

Many roles that a teacher should do in our society and in kindergarten too :

. gathering with the mothers to redirect them.

. Making cultural seminars about fixing the problems that are facing the kindergarten .

. Observing the children’s behave,  their health condition and their mental level .

And it is known that a teacher won’t reach to accomplish the educational goals alone, but it is necessary that all efforts of the teacher combine with the colleagues, families and the management in the different activities to accomplish the general goals of the kindergarten , and the special goals to raise the spiritual aspect of the children.

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