Don’t make decision during conflicts
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Don’t make decision during conflicts

Some people are forced to face problems from their wives/husbands , and to raise the argument level to a quarrel that casts away peace from the family.

One of the needs in life is seeking calmness through the conflicts that are made by the by different tastes and perspectives , and this causes arguments mostly , and solving these matters from their bases will guaranty that they won’t float on the surface again .

And confession is considered to be the best solution, So if a man or a woman has enough courage to admit being wrong , This is considered as a moral virtue and holding responsibility of the family , protecting it and preventing it from a possible disaster.

Bearing , patience , forgiveness , sacrifice of the husband and wife and the desire for a continuing family life is a positive solving problems and restoring calmness in the family .

All that is considered a step in not making decision during quarrels , and sometimes , if there were no agreement , It is wise to ask a third person who has maturity and experience to contribute solving the conflict and reach to a fair solution

And it is very useful to look at the source of the problem and to follow what cause it ; for this approach reflects the wisdom of the husband and wife in solving what cause these problems .

It is also necessary for wife and husband to search for the goals of the quarrel ; and before taking any decision , they need to look for the purpose of this conflict , and that will help to take a correct decision ; because the flow of marriage life won’t continue unless these motives and goals which cause the problems are ended for good .

And such conflicts can be classified into four reasons :

First – husband matters , the solution is in self-review and solve the conflicts .

Second – wife matters , the solution is in advising her and help her to accept the proper solution .

Third – husband and wife matters , and it is useful to seek reason and talk about the problem objectively to solve it .

Fourth – others matters and their negative influence , a strategy must be used to prevent other people influence on their life

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