Your morals after your death
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Your morals after your death

Someone stopped him and said : hello gentleman , May Allah have mercy on your father , He was a decent and respect full man, And he left a touch in people’s hearts.

Abbas was amazed of how people praised his father, and it was very effective on his heart. And Abbas had a great feeling of comfort and relief with people due to his father’s reputation that gave him also a great reputation among people.

There are many people who lived among other people by the blessings of their parents deeds, morals and good reputation, So your current morals is the best thing that you can leave as a legacy of you.

The effect of the father on his children doesn’t show up only in raising them , but even through his attitude with people ; So if the father’s morals were good, it will have a great effect on the children.

The father’s message is very great , So be the father that makes is children happy even after his death, and leave an important message in this life, For you will leave this earth , So make a good effect before you do; for life is a market that some people win and some lost in it .

Reality Of Islam

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