Loyalty in treatment between couples
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Loyalty in treatment between couples

A loyal person is like a rare jewel that everyone desire , because having a loyal friend is like having a priceless treasure .

A loyal husband is a truthful image that forms up for the wife’s feelings , that makes her feel his loyalty in every word he says and every work he does toward the family , so his existence makes her feel confident and safety .

And a loyal wife is that shining white figure who penetrates the husband’s heart with love and care, and she always work to support and please him.

“Loyalty” in the holy hadeeth (speeches of the Prophet and his progeny  (peace be upon them)) is named as “advice” , and the chaste progeny have said :

(Advice fruits love and fruits cordiality)

But can loyalty end between couples ?

Yes, loyalty of one partner may weakens if the other partner doesn’t exchange the satisfaction and motivation feelings , So who gives these feelings , get hurt by the hard and stony feelings that come from stiff hearts . And the husband or that works hard and get tired to bring food for his wife , and she face his efforts by complaining with a grumpy face , will be disappointed and change to another man.

And the husband who face the love, tenderness, loyalty and continuous thinking about his happiness by complaining and harshness , will absolutely make her feel broken and sad , and will turn into a cold , emotionless woman .

And this is why Al-Imam Al-Hady (guider)(peace be upon him) said : “ Neither ask for purity from who you were moody with, Nor advice (loyalty) from who you continuously doubted , because his heart to you is just like your heart for him “

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