Which one is prior ? forgiving or justice ?
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Which one is prior ? forgiving or justice ?

When your children quarrel , and you aim to fix it , how you will think ? do you want them to have peace after the oppressed forgive the oppressor  ? or you will seek justice ; punish the guilty , and get justice for the oppressed ?

Some people looks at forgiveness as a procedure that shows weakness in the oppressed and can’t take it, so he tends to forgive finally .

And other people see that “justice” is only revenge .

So on what side of morals we should stand ?

It may look confusing ; but there is a truth that must be known to move the confusion .

The oppressed has to forgive after feeling the full ability to take his right and get justice .

So when he feels the ability to get justice , he tends to show the high morals by forgiving , And Imam Ali (peace be upon him) said : “ forgive when you can “ and “ if you overpowered your enemy , make forgiving him as gratitude for your power “                                                                                                    especially when the oppressor has admit his fault and asked for forgiveness and peace . this is when forgiveness is prior to justice .

But if the oppressed right is still taken , or the oppressor’s side is still powerful  and the oppressed side is weak … the oppressed must seek justice and has to ask for his rights by the legal means .

Al-Imam Ali (peace be upon him ) was asked about the priority of justice or forgiveness ? and he said : “justice puts everything in its place , and forgiveness takes them out from its side , and justice is a general rule , and forgiveness is a personal way ; so justice is the best

So , the priority is for justice ; because it is the base and reason for the harmony and straightness of the life system , and without it , life will be messy and without safety , so justice is the soul of social life and   “sweeter than water to be found by a thirsty person “ as Al –Imam Al Sadeq (peace be upon him ) said .

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