Be exceptional
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Be exceptional

Don’t go with the flow ; a phrase that shows the necessity of not following the public without an idea about the direction , who they are and how they were convinced ?

Don’t be a flunkey ; another phrase that asks you to stop joining Intellectual currents and vague cultural gatherings without knowing those people’s identity , history and aims .

Avoiding the responsibility of (self-assurance , checking and testing) that many people leave , or young people feel too lazy to do is the real disability , and as Imam Ali (peace be upon him ) said “ trusting before examination is disability “

Ask yourself … do you lack thoughts and knowledge ? to allow someone to fill your brain and heart ?

Are you going to be a victim of the sweet talk that foul organizations use to attract you ?

A young man must be exceptional , and never get effected by the modern ideas which has an unknown source and unknown principle .

A young girl must be exceptional and not get affected by what the social media spreads , or what some girls ( who were not disciplined by values and morals ) exchange .

You have to think well before you get in a social or economical project , ask yourselves … who is behind it ? who will get the benefit ? and who is against them ?

Don’t close the eyes of your hearts and brains , be mature … for you are not only toys that is controlled by other people or projects that aim for their interest and benefit .

Be exceptional , for an exceptional person shines like a star among his colleges.

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