Why young people quit marriage ?
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Why young people quit marriage ?

Marriage is one of the bases of life that can’t be separated from the human community.

Islam has encouraged marriage and made it obligatory in many situations , and the last of prophets , Mohammed (peace be upon him and his progeny ) “ marriage is my course and who is against it , doesn’t belong to me

The idea of male and female match is natural , a psychological and biological need  that no one deny but an arrogant or who holds false conviction . the spread of human race is done by the marriage relationship  , and family is the first core of society .

And by the principles of mercy and love in the marriage nest , a human realizes the pleasure of living with dignity , and smells the scent of family harmony by the wife’s tenderness and support ,and feels comfort and stability among a loving family …

There are many needs that cause marriage , and all religions , society , and all scientific and moral levels enhances it . but why many boys and girls quit marriage ?

We will mention five realistic reasons that make young people quit thinking in marriage :

First – the routine that is made by society , through habits and traditions , and terms that shapes the image of marriage as climbing high mountain .

Second high dowry in many families and the priority of the physical aspect while talking with the suitors , and forgetting the main goal of marriage which is building a family , and supporting the  chastity of a boy and girl by uniting them .

Third – the common marital infidelity and posting them on social media , and through series , movies and unsuitable shows that spread a message says : a girl keeps suspicious relationships with other men , even after her marriage !! and this negative culture has made convictions in the young minds not the trust the chastity of any girl !

Fourth – taste boundaries  and complex conditions ; when some young boys keep their perspectives about  their life partner , and when he talks about the aspects he wants , one may think he is describing a heaven angel , or he has conviction problems . he doesn’t know what make him accept any one of them! Or he is being suspicious about the reputation of girls ; because of what he hears and reads in social media or colleges that all girls have suspicious relationship ! and that is how a conviction is built in his mind .

Fifth – disappointing shock ; lately , the digital generation that reacts with the digital world was born , they spend all their time in communicating with others , and sometimes they try to build their social relationships , and choose their life partner from there , and lives an electronic love story that last a long time with promises and pink dreams …, then, they get surprised in the reality world that the girl who attracted him by her picture from the “Instagram” (for example) , and had hundreds of likes is unlike how she is in reality ! , or who is talking about virtue and chastity is unreal ! what cause a shock for them and make them disappointed , and hate the marriage bound .

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