Non of us " practicality is the standard "
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Non of our Shiite , who’s attitude is contrast to our applications and guidance and says them only .
Some people think that by only joining “Ahl – Al Bait “ (prophet Mohammad’s house hold , peace be upon them )school , declaring love for them or doing the ceremonies in their birth and death , with disregarding and lack of restrain in the applying of their morals ; is the prove for joining them (Ahl-Albait) and being among “Shiite “ with all the afterlife privileges and the close ranks for Ahl-Albait . 
And this is only illusion , and shows the dual behavior ; because the criteria of Ahl-Albait ‘s school (peace be upon them) is their knowledge and working according to it .
Saying , claiming , using their words and spreading their virtues but being in contrast with their attitude and applications , is considered as deny for their ways and guidance , and Al- Imam Al-Sadeq  denies that such people belong to Shiite .
The real Shiite is the one who applies their guidance and works according to them , and approves himself in the situations that need determination and well power in life and realistic conditions , when a person has to choose between many different options . for example ; truth is considered to be the base of the morals in Ah-Albait’s school (peace be upon them), and one may go through an embarrassing situation that force them to either saying the truth and lose many interests , or lies to keep them ? and in such situations , Shiite prove themselves .
The criteria in Ahl-Albait school(peace be upon them) is considering truth as the believe base ; Imam Ali (peace be upon him Say ) “ believing is to prefer truth when it hurts you , on the truth when it profits you “ and he also says “ truth is the head of religion “
And it is obvious that steps of truth is not only sharing the information as it is in real life : it has many  and different steps : because truth is in the intentions and beliefs , and it comes from inside the person , and it is shown in the behavior with people where the inside and outside , secret and public attitude match . and so, joining Ahl-Albait’s  school (peace be upon them) need more than just speeking and sharing their wisdom and speeches in sites or making poems and tragedies for them etc… for this , even if it is beautiful and good , but is not considered as the standard , but the applying of their attitude and ideas is what make us really belong to them .

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