Five things trigger youth sensitivity
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Youth and adulthood are the most important psychological and biological phases in the human life , which is between the age of eleven and nineteen , when some of youth’s body organs grow , and different  feelings start to flew on his emotions , and in many times , curiosity pushes them to grow an idea or a need to understand the issues which they couldn’t comprehend in childhood , and compare themselves to their parents or who has a similar age or appearance like : the height ,nose size , fitness or mustache . and they try to be psychologically stable , and independent because of the growth in love of independence in their mind , so they start to move away from depending on others , specially their parents …
And in this stage , they need help , to regain their spiritual calmness and psychological stability if they faced any burst or pressure that threatens their independence , and they need ways to release them from stress and worry . 
And some of things that triggers the youth sensitivity and make them angry are : 
First – treating them like children : youth get angry and annoyed when they are looked at as children , and unfortunately , most of parents keep their old look toward their children because of Passion and excessive affection .
Second – making them feel they are untrusted or reliable : youth want to be trusted and specially their parents , so that , many of parents’ attitude that show lack of trust or reliability may hurt them or cause a psychological damage .
Third - Excessive accountability and blame : what annoys youth is the excessive accountability, blaming them and making them feel unworthy of responsibilities , and unqualified as adults .
Forth - Prejudice and favoritism: and what annoy youth people and triggers their sensitivity , is prejudice and favoritism in assisting  , care and generosity , specially in praise , compliment and tribute .
Fifth – comparing them to others :  youth hate any comparison between them and others like their brothers and sisters or siblings and colleagues .

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