How should we use what we learn
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Some may spent much time in study and learn without feeling the income of this learning or notice a change in in his personality , and even in his career life .
 knowledge has a spiritual sweetness that reflects on the behavior of the learner and makes him feel satisfied , plus the grow in his talents and experience …
and if he faced any thinking boundaries or social bumpers , he would face them with patience and optimistic soul until these problems pass …
on the social relations , he is the fun guy who is loved and rushes for any help he can give for others , and ignores stupid and ignorant people …
a real educator is like a palm tree who is always and gives fruit  for everyone !! and this is the result for the correct educating and he usage of knowledge .
there are two goals to get benefit from what we learn :
first : a goal to cancel doubt , worry and ambiguity ; for the information will give true and realistic results if it was accurate and approved to be right .
second : applied ; in a way that the information guides to the right and lights the reasonable sense and perfection , and supports the scientific applying in life .
for that , the student should seek these two goals in any scientific field he or she is in , and even in reading scientific and cultural books . the reader should aim for these two goals , otherwise , there will be no value for reading many writings without accomplishing the two goals in changing perspectives and correcting thoughts and supporting realistic and scientific life: for some ideas and information are mind luxury and a chat that never apply in the real life .

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