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Don’t let your day passes without winning new hearts and add them to your social relations , and that depends on the help you give to others to help them , and your way in respecting them and not hearting their feelings .
And for this , we hand you these lamps to enlighten the path of happiness for you in the society by winning others’ hearts and love . 
Smile and cheerfulness are love strings : after a smile , ask people about how they are and repeatedly welcome and joke politely with them , the prophet Mohamed ( peace be upon him ( said : “ your smile for your brother is Sadaqa “ (Sadaqa is what you give for poor people ) 
Greet others : Al- Salam ( greeting in Islam) … how wonderfully great phrase which everyone like , and it comes out of our mouth as a word to sit in others’ hearts , the prophet of Allah ( peace be upon him ) said : “ I swear by the one who has my soul , you shall not enter the heaven until you believe , and you won’t believe  until you love each other , would you like me to show something that if you do , you would love each other ? spread greeting among you . “ 
Be generous with gifts ; even if a gift is simple , but its effect is very deep in people , and the prophet Mohamed ( peace be upon him ) said : “ give away gifts and you will love each other , for a gift casts hatred away “
Modesty is the secret for being loved : the easy , humble , soft human is very loved , but the arrogant , hard to deal with becomes a reason for people to avoid him , and remember this wise quote “ the arrogant is like who stand on a top of a mountain , he sees people small and they see him small “ 
Be optimistic and positive : make sure to spread positivity anywhere you are and stay away from spreading annoying and pessimistic news that frustrates and make others sad , for the hope thirsty souls gathers around who spreads hope and tells them that there is ease after hard times . 
Compete not irritate : competition is a good thing in all the life aspects and it is a prove for the well strength to achieve goals perfectly , and shouldn’t be a way for annoying and envy , for envy keeps away of people , but competition gathers and unites  you with others .
Leave arguing and sterile discussion : one of the hatred reasons is arguing and insisting and the try for control others by bluster or stultifying his opinions. Leave the useless arguing and discussion and show your opinions scientifically away of feelings .

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