Singles confusion by the answers of married people
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Many singles ask married people about their experience and opinion in marriage , usually they ask them about if there are positive differences between single and married life ? and if marriage is a useful or a lost case ? and do married people feel happy in general and or their wives specially ?

And which one is better :  staying single or marry ?

the answers and perspective are different :

some of them see it as a beautiful step , and the married person feels stable and got rid of psychological disturbance and loneliness …

and some see that marriage is an obligatory shot !!! for having responsibilities and the effort of family care and endless needs , makes the feelings and the atmosphere between the couples blurry …

so there are people who miss the single life ; and the ability to fly away from the “golden cage of marriage “ as some people call it , so whatever it is , it remains as a cage  that ends many singles activities that the husband used to do before the falling in the marriage trap , and as some people say : “ marriage is a mistake and dilemma , and a life bound , you either win or lose of have a stroke “  ( it is rhymed in Arabic )

and due to these disturbing answers ; singles feel confused and dizzy because of all this contradictions and disturbing information about the future of marriage and the destiny of married person !!!

we can give some explanation concerning these confusing answers :

unfamiliarity with marriage : many married people are like new students in first class , so the miss of being single with few responsibilities and self decisions and free movements , and some people feels difficulty in adaptation with the new life and the surprises of the partner’s habits , so they need some time to get harmony with himher …

marriage life misunderstanding : some people ideas about marriage is only the few wedding days and honey moon , and as soon as it ends and the serious responsibility starts , they feel laziness, sadness and starts complaining about getting married .

unsuccessful choice : secondary standards like scientific degree , beauty and wealth , that attract the young people before marriage , and neglecting basic qualities like morals , religion , chastity and maturity , cause a shock for the husband when he notice ( for example ) that his wife  doesn’t follow the chastity or hijab standards , or she/he is lazy , rude , arrogant or wasteful that doesn’t care for the income or even their parents interrupt their lives and control their privacies .

difficult economic situations : many young people have financial issues that make them feel sad and embarrassed for not having a proper job that suits their situations , in the private businesses or institutions employing , and this is one of the biggest factors that crushes the young people hopes and make them regret getting married ,  especially if they were going through habitation problems or suffering from chronic diseases …

family problems : as soon as the marriage life starts , the problem series of mother-in-low, wives, husband siblings, starts and quarrels raises , and the arguments about house duties , envy , jealousy , starts and they began to interfere with their personalities , and this is what cause the bitter taste of life for the husbands wives ….


And there may be some other causes that explain this contradiction in the married people answers that cause the confusion for singles .

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