Al- Tanaji ( secrete talking ) Quran’s lessons
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Al-Tanaji is when three people sit together , then two of them start speaking secretly , and they make sure to isolates the third one from what they are talking about , and we all know that such behavior makes the third person very sad .
Some people defined “ Al-Tanaji “ as two or more people talking secretly with a low voice , or a language which the third person is unfamiliar with.
And this social and family phenomenon , is what the holy book of Quran brought to attention to warn the believers , and it put rules and moral ways to be followed by the believers society during the secret talking .
Exalted Allah said :  “An-Najwa are only from the Satan, in order that he may cause grief to the believers. But he cannot harm them in the least, except as Allah permits. And in Allah let the believers put their trust. “ 
For  that … secret talking without morals and decency will be a negative act in social and family relationships , and decays siblings and friends relations , arouses tenses in feelings and doubts , and hearts get fill with bad thoughts and insincerity .
Al-Emam Al-Sadiq ( peace be upon him said ) “ if there were three people , two of them shouldn’t speak secretly without their friend , for that is going to hurt and make him sad “
and if two people had to speak personally and privately , they have to respect their friend and leave “ secrete talking “ to not to heart his feelings , or to move far from him without making him notice that they have something to talk about . 
and if they must talk secretly … they have to follow the orders which are : not whispering with harm and evil , and to whisper about peace and welfare .
exalted Allah said : “O you who believe! When you hold secret counsel, do it not for iniquity and hostility, and disobedience to the Prophet; but do it for righteousness and self-restraint; and fear Allah, to Whom you shall be brought back.” 
And the holy Quran has shown the positive and effective ways of “secret talking” when Allah said : “In most of their secret talks there is no good: But if one exhorts to a deed of charity or justice or conciliation between men, (Secrecy is permissible): To him who does this, seeking the good pleasure of Allah, We shall soon give a reward of the highest (value) “
So whispering in general , should be about virtues and what is good , whether it happened between two or more . and when holy Quran asked for decency in secrete talking … , a person should stay away from being curious when he sees two of his friends or family speak in private or quietly , and not to be nosy or  get close to them until taking permission ; and this is one of the best attitude in relations and privacy respect

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