Turning a foe into a friend
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A narrative states that a Bedouin from Banu Salim came to the Messenger of Allah, stood in front of him and called upon him saying, “O Muhammad! O Muhammad! You are a lying sorcerer, more lying than any other that there is under the shade or in the plains! You are the one who claims that in this green land you have a God Who sent you to the black and to the white! I swear by the idols of Lat and Ozza that had I not feared my folks describing me as rash, I would have hit you with this sword of mine one blow that will kill you, thus making myself the master of the first generations and of the last!”


One of the companions leapt up to hit him, but the Prophet said to the companion, “Sit down; a clement person is almost as good as a prophet.” Then the Messenger of Allah turned to the Bedouin and said, “O brother of Banu Salim! Is this how Arabs behave?! They approach us at our place of meeting and then assail us with such rough language?! O Bedouin! I swear by the One Who sent me as a Prophet with the truth, anyone who harms me in the life of this world shall be tomorrow in the fire, being tormented.”


The Bedouin, who expected a similar rash response from the Prophet, was moved by the latter's clemency and the overlooking of his own harsh words. He paused and contemplated on the manner and behaviour of the Prophet in response to his words, and upon his reminder of the hereafter, and the values that he held dear. The Bedouin began to realize the virtue and magnanimity of the Prophet of Islam.


After some soul searching, the man accepted Islam and thereafter started inviting his tribesmen to Islam, until the Muslim population amongst his tribe numbered more than five hundred.

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