6 ways to discipline your kids without punishing them
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1. Understand Your Child

Children throw tantrums or behave differently when they cannot express or understand their emotions. To grab attention, they scream, shout or hit someone. In this situation, leave everything and try to calm the child rather than overworking yourself. Let them know you understand them and want to help.

2. Never Raise Your Voice

When you raise your voice, children only hear the shouting and screaming but do not understand the why behind it. Explain why you got angry or what you didn’t approve, and follow it up with a conversation. 

3. Spend Time Communicating

Children sometimes do not understand what’s going with them or sometimes they don’t want to talk about it to you, but they may be undergoing some stress. Talk with them about their school, friends, daily life, and how everything is going. Become your child’s best friend, you’ll start to feel a connection between you two and that’s a good sign.

4. Help them Solve their Problems

Show your children a way that can help solve their problems. Ask them what they think will work and how. Let them use their logic and sense, and help if they seem stuck.

5. Teach How to Handle Emotions

Children who are not able to manage their emotions end up frustrated and furious. Encourage them to talk to you when they are unable to understand what’s happening. Let them know you are friends they must turn to rather than asking for help outside.

6. Teach Patience

Parents who give in to their child’s demand instantly raise impatient kids. This can be a real struggle as objects can be obtained instantly but emotions, success or life skills cannot be. Teach patience to your kids and be patient yourself.

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