409 open heart surgeries performed at the al-Kafeel hospital with 96% success rate
5:39:27 2019-06-24 64

Over the past three and a half years, 409 open heart surgeries were performed by the local and foreign surgeons at Al-Kafeel Hospital with a success rate of 96%.


The director of the hospital; Dr. Jassem al-Ibrahimi, said: "Since its opening until April 2019, the hospital conducted 409 open heart surgeries with 96 % success rate, which is comparable to the largest hospitals in the world, which indicates the high efficiency of the al-Kafeel hospital in caring for its patients and providing them with the best health services."


Dr. Ibrahimi added that "the operations were carried out by Iraqi and foreign doctors, from the most known doctors in the world in open heart surgery for children and adults. The success rates achieved by the al-Kafeel hospital is achieved thanks to the medical and nursing staff and modern technologies that accompanied the medical development globally."


Stressing: "What a great effort to reach this result! It is a collective effort that requires a lot of sacrifices and planning of all doctors and medical and administrative staff, which is a pride for us."

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