5 ways to stop judging and criticizing others
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There are psychological and external reasons behind making a judgment on others and criticizing them as feelings of envy, mistrust, the looking down at, or the result of false education acquired by the individual. Thus, in order to eradicate such a habit that pollutes the personality of the individual socially and spiritually, we offer more than one idea to get rid of it:


  1. You must feel and understand the ugliness of this bad habit, be ashamed because you have it, wait before make judgment or uttering any criticism and remember that you really want to stop judging and criticizing others.
  2. When you are with friends and those who dare to criticize people, you must stop associating with them, try to advise them to stop and sit with those who trust the safety of their talk of backbiting and criticism.
  3. Fully understanding the promise you make to God by remembering the punishment of those who backbite, and that through the study of the Quranic verses and the Prophet's Hadiths and pure arrogance in this regard.
  4. When you are forced to a place with the presence of those who backbite, politely ask them to stop such topics and explain to them the ugliness of this habit and it is forbidden (haram) and you hate it, otherwise leave a moment that you can even engage in another conversation.
  5. Finally, I pray to God that you should not get used to this great crime, which frustrates your work and makes you one of the most hated creatures to God, to the Imams and to the Believers
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