Five Wrong Practices in Expressing Joy
2:23:13 2019-05-23 72

You have probably seen celebrators on occasion express their joy through disturbing practices?


We have seen and heard of many cases where we were forced to leave an event because of these inappropriate practices.


Our sense of rejoicing is positive and has a great impact on our social relations.


The atmosphere of fun and pleasure strengthens relationships and social ties on a large extent. It is evident when we attend wedding and Nikah or the holidays such as Eid and public or personal celebrations which are revivied accros the year.


However, the important thing in the subject is the expression of that joy and pleasure, some translate his joys in a negative and very illogical way. Thus, here are five wrong practices practiced on joyous occasions:


  1.  Celebratory Gunfire: This negative phenomenon has a joyous occasion into sadness and a tragedy, even if we ask: What is the relationship of the use of weapons, which is dangerous and deadly machine with the atmosphere of a happy occasion? Which should be sprinkled with roses not bullets.
  2. cutting off public streets or side roads to dance or make inappropriate movements.
  3. Raising the sound of music and singing where both practices are prohibited in Islamic law.
  4. The extravagance in food to the degree of waste, as an expression of joy.
  5. Consuming alcohol and drugs, as well as the sanctity of Islamic law and the ugliness of this act is a negative phenomenon harmful to society because of the negative effects and dire consequences


All in all, these practices must be avoided, urge those around us to avoid them, advise those involved and guide them to harmless alternatives not prohibited by Islamic law.

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