Hypocrisy in society
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Hypocrisy is an expression of an agreement, which is not supported by real conviction or sincerity by virtue of pretending to have qualities or beliefs that one does not really have. The person is referred as hypocrite. Hypocrisy comes from a Greek word, which means “jealous”, “play-acting” or “coward”. Hypocrisy involves the deception of others and thus a kind of lie even in the religion such as charity, praying in temple, church or mosque. Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) informs us about the signs of a hypocrite. There are three indications that readily confirms about a person if he is hypocrite or not. The first one is a lie, the second is unreliable as he fails to keep the trust of others, and the third one is to break the promises.


The most important question that often comes to mind is why people practice such heinous practices even after the warning of our dear Prophet (PBUH). The research explains that there are many factors that lead to make people branded as hypocrite. It is interesting note that people accuse one another of being hypocrite, when they themselves fall into the category of hypocrisy.


Actually, the glamorous life of modern age attract most of the people to get fame wealth and comfort. In no time the sense of competition has placed every individual against other individual. And inequality in our society has accelerated the social evil. Adults often teach their youngsters about what is right and wrong, but when it comes to them to take a decision they may choose the wrong pretending it better for all. People, especially are affected by those who pretend to be what they wish to but are not. This is a world of rat race; everybody wants to have the best if they cannot have it, they will pretend or if they already have it – they will exaggerate to showoff – this not only makes them hypocrite but also affects others, which will not hesitate to use wrong and false means in order to impress others. Even people use their education to showoff. May be they will have the best in this world but Holy Prophet (PBUH) has said: “They will lie in the lowest region of the hell.”


Everything we see, read or hear is somewhat a lie, formulated for us in consumer services, radio, TV, shops, commercials, advertisements, films and dramas. Mostly our politicians, lawyers, businessmen and advertising executives have hypocrisy in their lives, pretending and paying lip services is so easy for them. Simple deeds like injustice, cheating, lying, greed, theft, corruption and adultery are against to go in all religions, but 80% are hypocrites showing that they follow the religion but actually do not. Hypocrites are now everywhere wearing the masks of piety and sincerity but inside their heart, they are our worst enemy, even they will plan to murder us.


This is a world full of hypocrites; one who advises the right path, does not have the sufficient practice of goodness in one’s own life. That is the main reason the sermons don’t have much influence on the lives of people who attend religious lectures. Hypocrisy is the mother of all evils and racial prejudices. People are racists having hatred in their hearts for others on the basis of their colour and class. A man should be more afraid of a hypocrite than an enemy.


What to do under such circumstances? We need to analyse ourselves first. We must hold the truth and need to apply on ourselves, instead spreading it or applying the golden principles of Islam on others. We need to follow it and wait for the suitable time. The real piety is not to pursuit it or spread it but the real piety is to practice it. Our teachers should be trained to teach the students with their character not with hollow words and impractical wisdom.


Children learn by observing their elders not by their verbal commandments. Hence, the elders should present pure and true role model for the juniors. It is a matter of disappointment that ultimately brings hatred against the system and the people who brought them up when they notice their parents are not following the golden rules they had taught their kids with all zeal and zest.


Hypocrisy is a poison that runs deep in the nook and cranny of social texture. It is not an easy task to uproot it at once. An altogether different mindset may serve the purpose as hypocrisy has been rooted in the very vein of human blood. From personal life to the international politics, the dual policy and dual dealing can be seen noticeably. However, with continuous vigil and realisation, this can be brought under control. When it is realised it is harmful for the peace of family, society or nation; it, indeed, becomes an hour of need, to work upon it to settle down in a way that it may not pose a threat to our social texture. The only way to attain this is to be ‘yourself’ both in action and expression.


“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment” (Ralph Waldo Emerson).

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