Importance of marriage from Islamic point of view
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Islam has attached great importance to the question of marriage in its social system. In the holy Qur'an and the sayings of the holy Prophet and the Imams we find that marriage has been greatly encouraged. The holy Prophet has been reported to have said: "No institution of Islam is liked by Allah more than that of marriage".


Basic object of marriage

The basic object of marriage in Islam consists of:

a) Securing comfortable atmosphere for husband and wife


b) Producing a new generation and bringing up healthy, faithful and virtuous children.


With regard to the first object the Qur'an says:

"One of His signs is that He created for you spouses of your own species, so that you might find comfort with them, and He put mutual love and affection in your hearts. Surely in this there are lessons for the thinking people. " (Surah alRum, 30:21).


A Muslim husband and wife who follow the Qur'an should always be a source of comfort to each other. Their mutual relations should be far above mere sexual enjoyment and should reach the stage of cordial friendship accompanied by mutual benevolence and fellowfeeling. (Ayatullah Ali Mishkini's "Marriage in Islam" published by ISP).


On the basis of this verse the object of marriage should be the same as that of the creation of mates, that is husbands and wives. From the Islamic point of view marriage is not merely an instrument for legalizing sexual relations, but .it is an agreement which unites the very existence of the husband and wife and gives a new colour and a new rhythm to their life. It brings them out of real solitariness, turns them into a couple instead of single individuals and makes them complementary to each other.


With regard to the second object the Qur'an says:

"He is the Creator of the heavens and the earth. He has given you partners from among yourselves, and (similarly made) the cattle (also) males and females. That is bow He multiplies you. Nothing can be compared to Him. He is the Allbearing, the Allseeing". (Surah alShura, 42:11).


The Islamic traditions regarding the choosing of wife stress one point viz. the proposed wife should be capable of producing children and should not be sterile. According to a wellknown hadith of his, the holy Prophet said: "Marry each other and produce new offspring so that your number may increase".


Selection of a spouse one of the most critical questions connected with marriage and formation of a family is that of choosing the spouse. In this connection attention should be paid to the following points:

 Freedom in the selection of wife or husband.

 Equality between husband and wife, viz. each of them should be generally suitable to marry the other.

 The criteria which should be kept in view to deter­ mine such suitability.

 Persons between whom marriage is forbidden.

 Seeking the hand of the spouse in marriage.

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