Eight social skills in raising students
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Dear instructor/teacher,


There are social skills which are necessary to draw the appropriate method in the development of students due to their importance in their public and academic life. These skills contribute to achieving the objectives of the process in the educational field.


1 - Listening and interacting with the speaker, not interrupting and showing interest in what is being said by nodding the head or words such as: "Yes, well done, good, please continue"

2) Communicating through an etiquette form of salutation and welcoming by choosing attractive phrases with a calm and balanced tone.

3)  Respecting the protocol and instructions as well as attentively listening to the context and psychologically adapting to implement them completely.

4) The etiquette of asking for help by selecting respectful and humble expressions such as: Please, in you will, ... and to show appreciation to those who provided assistance.

5) How to get the attention of the instructor by demonstrating a behavior of obedience, respect and interest in the lesson.

6) How to hold a productive discussion with constructive criticism based on the origins of dialogue that can be in a form writing a topic for discussion on the blackboard that provokes students to demonstrate all their arguments with respect for each other's point of view.

7) Apologizing by using a sad tone and influential phrases such as: "I would like to apologize for ... or I'm sorry ..." to promise not to repeat the error and thank the other for listening.

8) Communicating, creating social ties, identifying new people and respecting fellowship that may lead to a lifelong friendship.


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