Be a positive ambassador for your workplace
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A positive person is a person who is restless and tireless. He thinks positively, thinks about the future, studies the mistakes of the past, and strives to achieve the goals he seeks and his desired goals. To be a positive and influential person, you should follow the following?

First: Do not speak badly about the place you work in or the people you work with, and if you feel inclined to do so, remain silent. I wish we could all only say good things about our bosses and the institutions in which we work.

Second: Pay attention to what you say. If you find it difficult to monitor yourself well, why not ask some of your team members or colleagues to warn you if you start speaking in a negative way about your superiors or the organization in which you work.

Third: If you want those you work with to look at you positively, always try to notice and talk about the positive aspects of what your company, department, boss, or team does.

Fourth: Keep your criticisms and ideas that are potentially unsupportive of your workplace confined to the halls of meetings and discussions where ideas and plans are discussed.

Fifth: Learn to stop before you say anything that is not positive. If there is something that bothers you about the actions of your boss or your company, think and stop before you rush and spread negative rumors.

Sixth: Encourage others to imitate your positive model. Encourage others not to complain, not to be negative, and not to criticize something without justification.

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