The importance of keeping a promise
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A promise is when a person makes a specific thing in the future. If he commits to carrying it out, he has fulfilled his promise. If he does not commit to it without a legitimate excuse, then he is considered negligent and may reach the point of betrayal and treachery. A promise is one of the values ​​that can only be fulfilled by people who are committed to every word of truth they speak absolutely, no matter how difficult the matter may be for them. Islam has urged adherence to the promise as is said in the Holy Qur’an: “Indeed, Allah does not break His promise,” and in His saying, Glory be to Him: “And mention in the Book Ishmael Indeed, he is true to his promise and is a messenger and a prophet. (Indeed, fulfilling a promise is one of the the most noble human qualities, which elevate the soul to the highest virtues and good values, and the truth of loyalty is honesty in words and deeds... In order for the importance of fulfilling a promise to become clear, we review it in several points, including:

  • Failure to fulfill a promise takes the individual out of humanity.
  • Fulfilling promises is considered the basis for the integrity of societies. Cooperation between people is only achieved by fulfilling promises. Without that, moral problems occur that lead to disruption of life and livelihood.
  • The holy law commanded the fulfillment of promises and praised those who made them. It considered it to be among the morals by which an individual completes the truth of faith. It condemned betrayal, treachery, and deception and threatened painful punishment and disgrace on the Day of Resurrection.
  • Fulfilling a promise is a twin of honesty and fairness. Breaking a promise is the worst form of lying and deception. In order for the image of values ​​to emerge in transactions, consistency and harmony must be achieved between them.
  • In fulfilling the promise, the building of a healthy society and positive individuals is achieved, through good education for generations and deepening lofty morals in their souls.
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