Helping our shy children
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An adolescent's feelings change at all levels: social, psychological, mental, physical, and existential.

Therefore, adolescents usually experience turmoil and states of transition and transformation in their world.

The feeling of shyness takes over in situations of new challenges, whether they were previously shy or not.

It seems that the adolescence period deepens the severity of shyness and the rate of teenage problems increases. Most teenagers who were shy in childhood feel extremely disturbed and think in a selfish way. The difference is that they may try to hide behind shyness so that no one will notice them.

In order to help our shy children, we must pay attention to:

  • Taking advantage of school meeting periods, this gives them a feeling of social mixing.
  • Focusing on body language, such as avoiding bowing your head down and looking at the ground.
  • To learn to greet others and compliment those they meet with beautiful words.
  • Teach them that hiding behind things makes them lack confidence in their self, and in the future they will become a rejected person in society.
  • Support them going out with friends, and participating in sports and artistic activities.
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