Is the media a blessing or a curse
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Media such as satellite channels, websites, theatre, books, magazines, and the press... are considered double-edged means:

Dangerous limit; It requires us to be careful about it because of its involvement in social life and its impact on the socialization of children and adolescents with the visual, audio, and reading content it provides.

And it is a blessing; if we direct these media outlets well, they are an effective tool in establishing the moral habits of a virtuous society, and they truly contribute to its excellence by showing the best talents and innovations and embodying imagination in a realistic product. It is a blessing if we direct it well and a curse if it is misdirected.

In order for the picture to become clear about the importance of its impact, it is necessary to take into account the following aspects:

1- It is a way to reveal truths to people in all aspects of life.

2- Attracting and encouraging people towards the desired values by improving and modifying them.

3- Providing what fills people’s free time with entertainment and recreational topics that are sound in terms of reason and Sharia.

4- Providing the social reality of children and adolescents to raise their moral level and instill values and virtues in their personalities.

5- It stands against the topics promoted by those provoking racism and sectarian tension, and supports ideas towards love and tolerance.

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