If you want to succeed, plan your goals well
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Chaos is considered a fertile field for mood disturbance and mental distraction, as some people experience a lack of organization and planning in life in general and for their goals in particular - despite their awareness of the negatives and damage that result from chaos and indifference - and it is known that no one has reached the pinnacle of success in any project unless he has taken the initiative. Planning and arranging is a well-established skill for all its tasks, times, and resources... Planning is an investigation to obtain a detailed vision of the specific goals, knowledge of the work map, the ins and outs of the project, and methods of modification and handling of emergencies, so that the picture of the goal in all its stages and steps is clear in the mind.

Here are six benefits of planning before moving to accomplish any work or achieve any goal:

1- Planning helps in avoiding regret. Ask a person who went on a recreational trip to a tourist country without knowing anything about it or its recreational sites. After his return, he felt regret because he did not plan his trip and create a program for it. There are many things that we did not plan for, and we felt regret after missing the opportunity.

2- Planning arouses enthusiasm and activity in you. When I went for the first time to perform Umrah, the tour operator devoted extensive lectures to explaining the performance of the rituals, introducing the holy places and timings, and explaining the itinerary of the trip, so my longing increased and enthusiasm was kindled within me to follow the progress of the religious rituals in Mecca, and indeed I was more active From others in performing the rituals, I did not face any obstacles, nor did I need to ask the religious guide, all thanks to the clarity of the plan drawn up.

3- Planning makes you feel psychologically stable. Sadiq says: I often feel anxiety and tension when I am told that there is an interview for an appointment, and when I was accepted to work as an accountant, I was overcome by a state of tension and anxiety when I met the audit committee supervising my work. After thinking about finding a solution to my situation, I decided to I put together an integrated plan for my work, define its stages, and draw a complete structure for it. I committed to documentation on paper and electronically. I also drew up a plan to present the work I do monthly and recorded it in a written plan in a record. I no longer felt any anxiety or tension. Rather, I feel stable and calm whenever I sat before any committee or an interview. Planning for such situations makes us more balanced, and we feel psychologically stable due to the clarity and detail of the goal.

4- Planning saves you effort and time, and through it you discover the cost and resources required. This is why the contractor is interested in drawing plans in any project he manages in order to save more time and effort, for the purpose of achieving profits, and most of us spend a long time thinking to prepare plans for any commercial business in which profit is aimed at a lower cost and in record time.

5- Planning gives you a clear vision of your goals and what is related to them from beginning to end. Because clarity saves you from falling into problems and mazes. The ship’s sailor has a clear vision of how to sail, and so do the pilot, the driver, and the farmer... Without that complete vision, he will fall into dangers and destruction.

6- Planning helps you to divide the goal into stages and small goals, according to priority and importance, until the targeted vision is achieved and the desired goal is achieved. This will facilitate the diagnosis of the stopping point and completion, and will also make achieving the goal gradually in a phased manner easier and less stressful.

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