How do you determine the path to achieving your wishes?
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Some people have a goal and wish to achieve it, but they cannot determine which path is the right one, through which they can achieve their wish in a short time, with little cost, and with obstacles that are easy to overcome without losses. To determine a path with these ideal characteristics, one must take into account the following rules: -

The first rule: Collect new information:

Take advantage of all the information about your goal, but don't stick to old ideas! Look to know the experiences of contemporaries and new theories, benefit from their experiences, consult specialists, examine and compare ideas and choose the most mature and in touch with reality.

The second rule: Provide an alternative for every step and a solution for every loophole:

Successful planning requires writing down assumptions and possibilities. Every step is not accompanied by some negatives that may affect the implementation of the plan. Alternative plans should be developed to address the gaps in order to support the continued progress of the master plan.

The third rule: Learn the skill of crisis management:

Determining the path towards the goal by observing the rules of successful planning does not give the individual immunity from defect and suspicion, and perhaps even failure. Fortuitous incidents may occur to us without expecting them, and this requires confronting these crises with knowledge, wisdom, and patience, and dealing with them in a way that minimizes their damage, and turns adversity into a gift, and affliction into a gift.

The fourth rule: The sign of firmness and readiness is the certainty that the correct approach has been achieved:

Do not proceed to fulfill your wishes until you are certain of the completeness of your plan, have insight into your resources and sources, and have complete determination, for from firmness is soundness of determination, and from firmness is strength of determination, as was narrated on the authority of Imam Ali - peace be upon him -.

After observing these rules, you will be able to determine the path that is closest to your goal and easiest for yourself.

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