Management ethics
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No project is managed except by an administrative team, and no institution can organize its work except through a complete administrative system in its elements of clarity of goals, vision, successful planning, positive control, thoughtful employment, scrutiny of the product, and observance of professional and work ethics...

Management is an art that only a few people with charismatic leadership are proficient in, and it has nothing to do with the type of academic degree or academic rank that the individual obtains!

It is the ability to direct individuals towards specific tasks according to the program that has been planned with the organization's staff.

The smart manager is the one who transforms all employees in the organization into administrators who carry administrative and leadership motivations and feelings so that the vision is united, the goal is unified, and the endeavor is focused, so the will of everyone is fused into one mold to make the work successful. As it was said: “The successful administrator is the one who can organize things in such a way that the work no longer needs his presence.”

This requires that the manager not be authoritarian in thinking, and personalize management for his own interests and seek to enhance himself through the powers of his position and influence, thus looking at the employee and the worker with an eye of inferiority and treats him like a worker and a slave, and the relationship becomes tense between them, and an atmosphere of hostility and hatred prevails.

The successful manager is the one who succeeded in controlling his behavior under the authority of reason, morals, and Sharia. He was the manager of the kingdom of himself, and its leader before he thought about leading others and managing projects. He was an example of gentle morals, patience, and correct employment, and an inspiration to those around him, and the workers desire to work hard.

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