How to plant the seed of loving reading
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One of the factors of successfully planting the seed of a love for reading and raising a generation passionate about reading

Starts from schools and universities

Because the teacher is the founder, planter, and educator of cognitive motivations

Stimulating the spirit of research and reading among generations stems from the intellectual climate created by the teaching staff in the classroom, school, and university in general.

So here you are, dear educator and distinguished professor:

A group of successful international methods in motivating students to read and developing their skills in doing so.

First: Raise the slogan (Reading is fun and beneficial) to change the prevailing view that reading is for the purpose of study and exams only, and that there is no benefit from reading as long as we forget what we read, or do not benefit from it??!!

Allocating time in which reading serves as a break or break between activities, during which the student has complete freedom to choose what he wants to read, so that reading is a source of enjoyment and relaxation away from boredom.

Second: Provide them with an example:

Tell them about yourself and the number of books you read, and how you spend time and take opportunities to read. There is nothing wrong with telling stories that talk about great people, inventors, and scientists, and how their relationship with books and reading was.

Third: Reading Race: It is a fun game where the teacher divides the students into groups and each group chooses a specific name and they compete among themselves in a specific period to read various books. Whoever finishes more before the end of the period deserves a valuable prize as a reward for his effort.

Fourth: The reading lesson must be invested in and not underestimated as a basic lesson. It is best to read aloud to each student and choose story books that contain suspense and a lesson. During the lesson, the teacher uses positive reinforcement as a useful means to encourage students to read, and it can be expressed verbally, as well tangible in the form of grade distinction or simple awards.

Fifth: Organizing a book fair in school. Organizing book fairs in schools is fun and expected by the learners. It is an effective way to stimulate their enthusiasm for reading, and give them the opportunity to buy the books they want, through a diverse display of selected books and classic and contemporary stories.

Sixth: The school administration must annually establish a competition under the title (The Prince of Reading for the Academic Year). The academic year should be divided into a pyramid, a rectangle, or a shape they choose that is popular with the students in the school library. It should be divided into the months of the academic year, and the advisor of each class will post the name of the student who has read the most books.  In one month, the number of months is then added up and the winner of the title is known. His name and picture are placed in the front of the school, and he is rewarded and honored by placing a golden crown on his head in the middle of a joyful celebration, so that this will strengthen him and motivate the rest.

Seventh: The idea of making video clips to be filmed at school for those who are passionate about reading, talking about their experience or a book they liked, and making a motivational montage in which they focus on home reading and filling their free time with reading, under the motivating titles “We read to make an impact,” “A family that reads,” and “And by reading we advance.” And so, to make the clip accessible to everyone, it will be published on social networking sites.

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