Five golden pillars to be happy with your siblings at home
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Wonderful is the family that preserves its ties from the danger of disintegration and rupture.

A family in which understanding, love, and familiarity prevail:

  It is a stable family and its members feel safe

When each family member is aware of his responsibility at home and takes care of this responsibility, success will befall these individuals in their family relationships.

Brothers in the house are linked by lineage

But some may not find the taste of happiness and comfort with their brothers because of the bad relationship.

This affects the stability of the family

So how can you be happy with your brothers at home?

Five golden pillars achieve this for you

Love,,, and respect

Cooperation, and communication

And the advice

These five pillars are what establish the relationship between individuals and forms the elements of the fraternal bond

Love is an essential element in a successful relationship within the family

It is the bright part of family ties. No matter how many storms of problems the family goes through, their radiance returns to the hearts, even after a while, with affection and love to melt any frost of estrangement.

With respect, each brother reserves his rights for his brother, adheres to legal limits and social etiquette, and each brother takes into account his brother’s personality in his presence and absence.

Through cooperation, harmony between individuals is ensured and bonds are deepened, so no one is stingy in spending money, time and effort for the comfort of his brothers.

Through communication, love continues, and through communication, feelings of affection are nourished and familiarity is deepened.

And the pillar of all of this is love

That a brother guarantees his brother sincerity and safety from envy and harm

Rather, some of them pray for goodness and well-being for each other and strive to bring them happiness and contentment.

These five pillars are the basics for the success of the relationship between brothers in the family

The secret of the failure of relations between brothers and the perpetuation of the estrangement between them

It is the penetration of the virus of disintegration due to their failure to take into account these pillars

Let us strive to strengthen our family ties through these good and golden qualities

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