Holy Shrines of Karbala announce their participation in upcoming international conference at UN Headquarters
6:38:21 2018-10-07 7

The Holy Shrine of Al-Abbas sent an official delegation to New York to participate in an international conference organized by the Imam Khoei Foundation at the UN Headquarters, in which the two holy shrines of Imam Hussain and al-Abbas and the Scientific Alliance for Research and Heritage will participate.

Several meetings were held with the organizers to prepare for the international conference at the United Nations.

“The conference will be titled “Restoring the Intellectual Foreground and Reinforcing Justice, Peace and Social Pluralism" and will cover the following topics:

- Intellectual leadership and emphasis on the Islamic discourse in the development of the intellectual leadership, in addition to the role of political institutes in developing the understanding of Islam as a civilized force and embracing the future intellectual leaders through providing resources and financial support.

- Social justice, which includes the roots of terrorism and the study of economic and social causes and the empowerment of minorities through moral and material support as well as approaches to counter Islamophobia and religious extremism.

- The strengthening of religious and cultural heritage to help promote peaceful society, preserve, restore and counter the destruction of Islamic shrines and heritage sites, also, benefit from social networking sites to promote cultural interactions and interfaith understanding."

The conference is slated to be held on 8 October, with participations from more than 1000 figures from different religions, sects and specialties.

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