Controlling ones carnal desires causes salvation
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A man arrived in Egypt. There he saw a blacksmith extracting red-hot iron from the kiln with his bare hands. The hot iron did not affect his skin. Certain that he must be some holy personality he came near and saluted him and said, "By the one who has gifted you this ability, please pray for me."
Upon hearing this request the black smith began to weep. Then he said, "O Slave of Allah! I am not as you think and I do not count myself among the righteous."
The visitor said, "But the gift that you have is not possible for anyone except a righteous personality?"
"It is due to another person," explained the blacksmith.
The visitor implored him for further enlightenment.
The Blacksmith said, "One day I was busy in my workshop when a most beautiful woman came to me and complained of her poverty and difficulties. I was stunned by her beauty. I told her to satisfy my needs and in return I shall solve her problems. She told me to fear Allah and said that she was not of loose character. "Okay!" said I, "You can go!" The woman went away dejected. After a while she returned and said that her need had compelled her to return to me. I took her to a house. We went inside and I locked the door. She asked me why I have locked the door? "So that people may not know about us" I said. She asked me why I did not fear Allah and I replied, "because He is Forgiving and Merciful." When I approached her I found her trembling like a thin twig in gusty wind. She was weeping profusely. "What is the matter with you", I asked.
She said that she was fearful of Allah who was a witness over them. "If you leave me alone, I can guarantee that Allah shall make you immune to the fire of this world and Hell-fire," the woman said. The words had the desired effect and I gave up my evil intention. I gave her whatever I had and said that I was releasing her due to the fear of Allah (S.w.T.). The woman returned home satisfied. That night, I dreamt of a lady wearing a crown of rubies. She was telling me, "May Allah give you a goodly reward," When I asked her who she was, she said that she was the mother of that poor woman. "May Allah keep you safe from the fire of this world and the Hereafter," she prayed. I asked her to which family she belonged and she told me that they were from the progeny of the Holy Prophet (S). I thanked Allah. From that day fire does not affect me. I also hope that the fire of Hell would cause me no harm.
We conclude that Allah (S.w.T.) cools the fire for one who controls his carnal desires and abstains from indecencies despite having all the means. Allah shall accommodate such people in His Mercy. Thus, the Holy Qur'an says, and as for him who fears to stand in the presence of his Lord and forbids the soul from low desires, then surely the garden — that is the abode.

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