Mothers and sons
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Imagine that you are watching in a playing place designated for mothers and their children, watching the mothers and children as they participate in different activities. There is a mother hovering around her son, pulling him before he can take the simplest risk, and another mother is talking to a friend in the corner, ignoring her son’s plea that she look at him. There is a mother who hugs her son every few minutes as he stumbles to get free of her, and another mother follows her son around the room, removing toys, giving him food, and making sure that he does not need to do anything by himself.

These boys are all making decisions about themselves and their mothers and about what they need to do to feel like they belong and matter, and they're learning forced lessons about women. Think for a moment: If you serve your son, clean up after him, and teach him that he is the center of your life, what does he learn about women? You insist that he listen to your problems, bear your emotional burdens, and tell you that you look beautiful, so what does he learn about women? If you sleep with your son even though he is past childhood, and you touch him constantly and expect him to spend all his time with you, what does he learn about women?

Respect your son and respect yourself

Perhaps the best way to establish a healthy and healthy relationship with your son is mutual respect. You must respect your son as an individual and respect his feelings and needs, even if you do not agree with them (or even when you need to discipline him). You must also show self-respect. Remember that pampering and leniency are not effective parenting styles. Your son needs limits to become a healthy, healthy young man. When you respect your son and treat yourself with respect, your son is more likely to respect all the women he meets. Starting from his teachers to his future wife.

Love and courage

Boys need the love of their mothers and they also need the freedom to start their own journey in life. Mothers are families first...but mothers share something very special with their growing children. No matter how much time passes and no matter how strained your relationship with your son becomes, despite the occasional quarrels and periods of silence, your son will expect your unconditional support and love. He can step into his own life with courage when he carries your eternal love in his heart.

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