Aversion to giving orders
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Your conscience may shame you if you give your children instructions, commands or directives about what to do... Many parents see this behavior as cruel, dictatorial or even evil, arbitrary and harmful. While any of us can act cruel, dictatorial, vicious, or arbitrary, this is not an automatic part of giving orders. We can give instructions in a gentle way, even with love and humor. Almost all situations allow us to do this.

* Say in a normal voice: (Eat your food, so-and-so).

* Say in a soft, calm or even friendly voice: (Come on, it's time for bed. Let's go). You can say this with a smile, a kiss on the top of the head, or some other loving way.

* Speak loud enough for the boy to hear despite the noise of the traffic, but keep a steady and clear voice: (Come on, Angela, and get out of the way, it's not safe standing there. Come on, get over here quickly).

* Say with a laugh: (Okay, it's time to do your homework. Did you think I forgot? Your father never forgets that much! Come on, go do your work).

There is nothing wrong with telling your children what to do.

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