Attract others towards your point of view
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 The normal situation is that when you encounter an opinion that opposes your point of view, you will discuss and argue, and therefore you hope to overcome the other party in one way or another. The important thing is to be convinced, and it is also natural for us to take the matter as a threat and a slap directed at ourselves, and we have to respond with what affects ourselves and possesses us with emotion, and it may lead us to threats, intimidation, and ridicule as well as belittling the other party's point of view, all this does not lead to Winning because you do not change the opinion of the other side by force.

But you have to:

1- Listen carefully to what the other party presents to his point of view and do not interrupt him during his presentation, and repeat to him some of the points that he presented, and if he finishes, ask him if there is anything he would like to add, make him feel that you are interested in his point of view completely.

2- Do not rush to say the word (no), but take a moment to think and make him feel that so that you give him the impression that you thought and did not rush, and do not increase the time of thinking so that he thinks that you are evading or you have some kind of relative confusion about what he said.

3- Study all the points presented by the other party and you will find some points that you agree with him on, admit them and acknowledge its validity, and it is not useful for you to oppose him on all the points that bear his point of view, and when you see that all his points are incorrect, you agree with him on some simple and unimportant points, therefor he becomes more inclined to accept your point of view.

4- When you begin to present your point of view, be calm, do not get excited, do not threaten, and do not threaten to use force.

5- If you change the point of view of the other party, let him save his face and do not embarrass him, otherwise he will not deviate from the scope of his previous point of view, and suppose before him that if you were in his place, you would understand his point of view in light of the available information, and always try to find a justification for his point of view or his mistake, if it was wrong.

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