Give your children the right to participate
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Your child must learn how to make decisions on his own, reach settlements, work as an individual within a team, and how to negotiate, and there is no educational method for all of this except participation in making decisions; You must consult your children in all decisions that will affect them, just as you would like to be consulted in matters that affect you.

Of course, your opinion will not be excluded, they need to know that this is basically your house, and this is your money, and that you have the right to object to what you do not like, but this will not happen often; You cannot give free rein to your children and follow their desires to build an extension to your house with three bedrooms just for them, because each of them wants a private room for sleeping and studying. However, you can consult them on how the available space should be in order to make the most of it.

As your children get older, they need to be trained in their decision-making process, and to be consulted and treated as adults. Why don't they themselves choose the color their bedroom will be painted in, especially if they are going to paint it themselves? I remember one of my teenage children filling a crack in the wall of his bedroom—and when he finished he had left behind a six-inch dented area sticking out. I didn't fix it for him, I left it as a souvenir for him on his first attempt to decorate his room, and my son left this house a while ago but the crack is still there. He is now proficient in painting and making decorations himself, but this crack always reminds me that you should give your child the opportunity to start from somewhere.

Take family vacations for example, you will have to prepare the budget, but if your children are teenagers, they can agree on a place to go, and you can have the right to object if you insist on this, but this right will be available to them as well.

And the matter is not only related to the decision-making process itself, despite its great importance. What also matters is that your children feel that they are involved in the affairs of the whole family, including the choices that affect everyone; so the same rule can be applied when laying the bases as well. All members of the national team participated

It is important for your children to feel that they are involved in the whole family.

And of course, the more time you get to treat your teenage children as adults, the better the relationship between you will be, and the more emboldened they will be to act as responsible adults - and that will relieve everyone.

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