China accuses America
2:40:57 2023-05-25 59

China accuses America of running an electronic piracy empire in the world

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning accused Washington of spreading false news about allegations of Chinese piracy, indicating that the United States is a real pirate empire.

Commenting on reports that a Chinese hacker group attacked key US infrastructure, the spokeswoman noted that the reports containing this information were simultaneously published by the US National Security Agency and similar institutions in Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. She stressed that this is clearly a collective act of the "Five Eyes" coalition to spread disinformation, and is being carried out under the direction and geopolitical interest of the United States.

She added, "As we all know, the Five Eyes Alliance is the largest intelligence organization in the world, and the US National Security Agency is the largest hacker organization in the world. That they jointly spread fake information is ridiculous in itself."

And the Chinese spokeswoman stressed that various companies (for example, Microsoft) are being implicated in distributing such reports, and this indicates that the United States is working to expand channels for disseminating false information.

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