Language is a means of communication and interaction
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Studies show that the language has several functions represented in the following.

First: Language is a tool of communication and understanding, as language works to unite people, to link the near and far, the present with the past and the future, and it is also a means of communication and interaction within the same society.

Second: Language is a tool for expressing the human soul. It is like a picture of the painter. And the statue for the sculptor and representation for the actor, it is a tool for artistic expression. A person's speech also reflects his personality.

Third: Language is a tool for acquiring knowledge and expanding experience. A person learns through it from the experience of others as he learns from his direct personal experience, and through it he acquires sciences and arts.

Fourth: Language is a tool for thinking. Thought relies heavily on language, as words are what define ideas, prove them and enable them to multiply, grow and produce, so that some believed in the saying: thinking is mystical speech.

Fifth: Language is a tool for documenting national ties. There are two things in this regard:

A - It is that the use of one national language called for rapprochement and understanding among the members of the same people, and it also played an important role in controlling social groups.

B- The people's language is the repository of their cultural heritage, through which this heritage spreads and is transmitted from one generation to the next. It is the most important means of popularizing common culture. It is the mirror of culture and its key.

Sixth: It has a role in shaping the culture of human societies.

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