Develop the ability to listen
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Listening is one of the basic operations that we need in every aspect of the social life in which we live, and it is very necessary for the success of any relationship or communication or educational process carried out by officials or individuals in general, whether in daily life or the workplaces in which we work with Other individuals who have their own characteristics, attitudes, and personal tendencies, which are affected by the presence of others and affect them to a certain extent. The listening skill is considered one of the most important skills that every administrative official must have, in order to enhance his success in the situations in which he stands with others and listens to them. It is this aspect that guarantees the success of his actions that he undertakes, because his ability to listen to others, understand their problems, and try to solve them leads to their acceptance and respect for him, and to carry out the actions that he asks of them. Here we must mention that the process of listening to others, and what they say and the demands that are put forward by them, is considered difficult and not easy as some imagine, because in the end we are human beings and sometimes we are dominated by an incomprehensible desire to interrupt the conversation and the speaker for reasons There are many, including not accepting what is said, or fear of forgetting, or fear of not being given the opportunity to say what we want later, or because we know absolutely that the speaker does not tell the facts, or when the enthusiasm of controversy and discussion prompts us to interrupt others and interfere, or in cases and situations in which we lose patience And the ability to endure, and we benefit from presenting the ideas and information we have, which we believe should be presented to others at this particular time, otherwise it may lose its value and importance.

The process of communication and success in it is connected with the ability and skill to listen, and this ability to listen can be reached or developed in the individual through continuous training in listening, which happens by doing special exercises which can help us become at a high degree of ability to listen. Among these exercises, we set ourselves certain limits during conversations, and we continue to listen, especially when we feel the strong desire to interrupt, that is, we put what is called self-monitoring in our eyes, and it is natural that this is one of the difficult tasks and aspects, and these difficult tasks contain the secret of successful communication processes that helps us achieve our goals. .

In the end, we say that the process of listening is one of the very important processes for the success of communication and human, social and professional relations, and that whoever has the ability to listen can teach and learn a lot, and he who knows a lot leads to possessing sufficient facts to carry out the correct and sound decision-making process regarding himself and others.

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