Etiquette of dealing with neighbors
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Your neighbors are as if they are your relatives. In fact, you may live with neighbors more than you live with relatives, so get to know them, even if only in general.

Have a good relationship with whomever you see fit among them, and at the very least, you have to have a minimum of good relationship with everyone, such as saying hello, smiling, asking about one’s condition, health, and some well-known general issues.

If you do not visit each other, then you have to hasten to do so, especially in the event of urgent and sad events such as death and severe illness, and in the case of joyful ones.

It is very appropriate to treat your neighbors from time to time with a special light gift:

Some fruits or vegetables from your orchards or village.

If you are on travel get them some candy or a rare or special food.

Never do anything that annoys them, such as:

Spraying water in front of the door of their house or on their balconies.

Throw something on their laundry or their car.

Putting dirt in an open and disgusting manner at the entrance to the building, stairs or elevator.

Parking your car so as not to leave room for another parking next to it.

If you see someone in need or confused, offer them your help directly:

If he carries a lot of things, take some of them and carry them yourself, especially the elderly, the pregnant woman, or the one who is holding her child.

If he is sick or injured and needs to be hospitalized, bring your car or a taxi immediately, because he may not be able to drive his car safely, rather he may cause a bigger catastrophe if a fire breaks out in the neighbors' house, help them remove the children and the elderly first, then cooperate in extinguishing the fire, or Call the specialists.

If he knocks on your door at any time in distress, understand his urgency and help him as much as you can with apparent kindness and concern, for perhaps one day you will go through the same situation.

If your relationship is solid, hint to him about your times of rest so that he does not disturb you or him.

Always cooperate on vital matters, especially with regard to water, electricity and building cleanliness. . In that there is ease for both of you, and neither of you will be independent of the other.

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