individual and social ethics
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Some believe that all moral attributes are evaluated on the basis of human cohabitation with others, so that if he was completely stripped of society and lived completely separate from others, and in an abstract way of existence, morals would lose their meaning!

Because happiness, envy, humility, arrogance, good opinion, justice, immorality, chastity, generosity, miserliness, and the like are all qualities that reflect their meaning through society and the individual’s contact with others only, so stripping a person of society means stripping him of morals.

While we acknowledge that many moral virtues and vices are related to human social life, this view is not comprehensive. Because some of the moral qualities have individual aspects, and they are true evidence in the individual person as well, such as patience and patience over afflictions, courage and cowardice in the incidents that occur, the help of a person or his laziness in reaching his goal, heedlessness and prating of Allah Almighty and thanking or disbelief in the endless divine blessings and others, which are discussed by ethicists in Their books and accounted them as  moral virtues or vices, they may have an individualistic aspect that is true even of an individual completely isolated from society.

Hence, the necessity of dividing morals into individual morals and social morals becomes clear. It goes without saying that social ethics has a greater weight in the science of ethics, and the human personality centers around it more, although individual ethics has a noticeable share in its field as well.

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