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     Sometimes we see that deception is not related to others. Rather, it concerns the personality of the deceiver himself. Sometimes a person deceives himself and finds an excuse and evidence to justify what he did. He does wrong actions that his conscience reprimands him for doing. So he justifies what he has done in order to get rid of the torment of his conscience and to live calm and reassured.

     Manifestations of self-deception are numerous, for example a child does not like the lesson, so he says, I will rest this day, and tomorrow I will study. And tomorrow he entrusts his lesson to the day after tomorrow, and so he becomes a target and bait for his own deception.

     Deception is voluntary and involuntary. In voluntary deception, the origin is in the will and determination of the person in relation to carrying out the work, which is embodied under the title of deception. And sometimes involuntary, because of the repetition. For because of tricks and deception, it becomes a secondary habit to people, and involuntarily they become bait for their own tricks and deceit.

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