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The prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his progeny) went outside holding Fatima's hand and said: "Who knows this lady has known her, and for who doesn't know her, she is Fatima the daughter of Mohammad, she is a piece of me, she is my heart that is within me, who hurts her hurts me, and who hurts me hurts Allah"

Reality Of Islam

Guide to Spiritual Life

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Guidance by Behest

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Moral Building

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A Mathematical Approach to the Quran

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what Allah hates the most

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allahs fort

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striving for success

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Imam Ali Describes the Holy Quran

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silence about wisdom

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Importance of Media

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your path

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be yourself.

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strong personality

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anti racism

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people in need

4:25:57   2023-02-11

hud & his people

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