The effect of deprivation on personality
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The effect of deprivation on personality

Equality in raising is the hardest on educators , because raising ways can’t be fully controlled  to apply them fairly and equally , unless by a flawless person ,who is supported by Allah , though , doing all the possible is what an educator should try , and do his best to accomplish this great and noble goal .

Deprivation is unavoidable in raising, and it is the black face that grow by the unqualified educator.

Deprivation can be caused by uncontrolled factors too, which is fate and destiny, or the social habits, or even the domination of an oppressor ruler …

Deprivation forms are many and several; we will mention some, for reminding, to reduce it, cure it, and avoid what can be avoided:

Emotional and psychological deprivation : which includes the deprivation of parents love ; or when one of them is lost or imprisoned , or their death by an accident (for example) , or their separation for social, business or academic reasons , or simply ignorance , when father or mother (or both) don’t raise  their children well , and don’t care for his needs , and deprivation may happen between couples both or one of them and cause deep conflicts and negative outcome .

Physical deprivation: which is the most common in social life, presented in poverty, need, hunger and beggary for living … and the reason can be the father who doesn’t spend money for his wife and family and doesn’t full their physical needs.

Health deprivation caused by diseases: many people have weak immune and health, so they get sick a lot and diseases affect them badly and make them venerable. They lose health and suffer from chronic illness and taking drugs continually to have a healthy good life.

Body deprivation, handicaps and disabilities: which is the hardest kind of deprivation that may be caused since birth or sever accidents that took a part of their body, which left them unable to do some physical activities like walking, speaking or hearing for example …

Moral deprivation: some people suffer the feeling of being lower than others, which cause many bad behaviors like arrogance, envy, gossip, bulling, stealing and others, and its reason is being deprived from a good and righteous educator or even a clean and pure environment …  

Homeland deprivation: it means leaving the country because of political , work or living reasons , and then , longing to their homeland , missing the air scent and the land or feeling included , and then feel then feel the deprivation of being away of homeland .

Family deprivation : when a family is torn apart by the breakup of the parents , or other reasons , the deprivation feeling becomes deep in the children’s hearts , and other family members , for they will be missing the beautiful moments of family union .

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