Seven qualities that men like to see in their wives
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Seven qualities that men like to see in their wives

The agreement doesn’t happen between couples, unless there are attraction points between them, men are not always attracted to beauty only, and when they remove out the appearance mist, they look for these qualities that make the tranquility and affinity feeling and satisfaction toward their wives, there are many things that attract men (who has marriage intention) to women other than beauty, which are:

First-the understanding and clever woman : some men are attracted to the wisdom of the woman who gives quick and smart answers , and specially her ability to describe and notice things , beside understanding any idea and interact with it .

Second-Sobriety and confidence: when a woman has sobriety, confidence and calmness, she will be liked by many men who has marrying intention, calmness and sobriety are signs of not rushing or indiscretion woman.

Third-Who trust her husband and doesn’t feel extra jealous : because Suspicion  and jealousy angers men and make them avoid wives who ask “ where did you go ? “ or “ who did you talk to ?” .

Fourth-The joyful, who has a fun spirit: joy with courtesy and joking are qualities that are loved by men, and if a woman has them, she would definitely be a successful woman in her life with her husband.

Fifth-who bares with patient and sacrifice: those are the qualities of strong women, who has a deep sight and see the consequences. And continue their life with their husbands, even if they are facing harsh and difficult life circumstances.

Sixth-The kind and warm hearted: The sensitive who cares for other’s feelings, cares about them and react to the happy and sad moments, provides help and seeks to see her beloveds safe, healthy and comfortable.

Seventh-The creative and inventor: a man adores the woman who surprises him with beautiful decoration or delicious meal, and he likes the managing, economical woman who invests in what is the best and useful for the family.

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