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Al-Baqi is the oldest cemetery for Muslims in Madena city beside the grave of the prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny). It includes the graves of four Imams of the prophet's progeny, ( Al-Imam Al-Hasan and Al-Imam Ali Ibn A-Hussain, Al-Imam Al-Baqer, and Al-Imam Al-Sadeq (peace be upon them).

It also includes the grave of Al-Abbas (son of Abd-AL-Muttalib, the prophet's uncle) and the grave of Ibrahim (peace be upon him) the son of the prophet, and the graves of some of the prophet's aunts.
It also includes the graves of some of the prophet's friends, martyrs of the early period of Islam, and many of the high leaders of Islam.
Baqi has always been a place to visit until this days.

The extreme Wahhabis destroyed the tombs, and they prevented Muslims from doing their rituals.
Al-Baqi tombs was destroyed in the 26th of august 1811.

Reality Of Islam

allah is the only protector

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uy scuti

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seeds that can walk!

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ask allah for everything

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a lesson for humanity

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speake good to people

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removing harm

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kiss your children

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a mercy for mankind

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high prices

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death relief

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beware of haram

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Importance of Media

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noah & his ark

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use you time well

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life temptations

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be yourself.

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loyalty is strength

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