Be kind and nice with people
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A woman passed by a retarded man who was holding a stick and painting on the ground.

The woman pitied on him and asked: What are you doing?

He said: I’m painting heavens and divided it into several parts.

She smiled and said: can I take a part of it? And how much is it?

He looked at her and said: yes, it costs 20 Dinars.

The woman gave him20 dinars and some food and went home.

At night, she dreamed that she was in the paradise.

In the morning, she told her husband about her dream and what happened with the retarded man.

Her husband went to the retarded man and said: I want to buy a piece of heaven, how much is it?

The man said: I don’t sell anymore.

The husband said: my wife bought a piece yesterday for 20 dinars.

The man said: your wife didn’t want the heaven by giving 20 dinars, she was being nice to me, but you only came to get the paradise, but it is priceless, for entering it is by being kind and nice to people.

Reality Of Islam

allah is the only protector

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uy scuti

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seeds that can walk!

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ask allah for everything

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a lesson for humanity

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speake good to people

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removing harm

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kiss your children

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a mercy for mankind

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high prices

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death relief

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beware of haram

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10 Points On Dostarlimab
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Every patient was cured of cancer
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Importance of Media

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do not burn out

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