allah is generous
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When Moses (peace be upon him) was a prophet, there was a poor family living in a small old house.

They were living a bad life and have food for only one meal.

The woman said to her husband: "why don't you go to see Moses (peace be upon him) and let him ask Allah (SWT) to make us rich".

The man agreed and went to see the prophet.

When he met Moses (peace be upon him) and explained his problems for him, Moses (peace be upon him) agreed to speak to Allah (SWT).

Allah (SWT) told Moses (peace be upon him) that he will make them rich for only one year and they will become poor again.

Moses (peace be upon him) told the man what Allah (SWT) told him and the man agreed and told his wife about it too.

The man became rich and he kept buying and selling lots of products and cattle.

The woman told her husband: "we became rich and we have lots of money now, let's help other people in need".

The man agreed and he started building stores and give it to poor people to work in it, he also gave huge numbers of sheep to people to live their life buy taking care of them and sell their products.

He kept doing charity work and help people in need in many ways.

One year passed and Moses (peace be upon him) said to Allah (SWT): "it has been a year but they are still rich, while you promised them that they will become poor again".

Allah (SWT) said:" I gave them one source of wealth and they gave people many sources, I won't be less generous than them".

Reality Of Islam

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