Allah is jealous
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One day a man was walking with his wife.

they passed by an old man walking slowly, when they came beside him, the old man tripped in a mud puddle and splashed some mud on the girl's clothes.

She shouted on him and her husband stroke the old man on his face and knocked him down.

The old man did nothing but he said some words quietly.

After that, the man and the lady went toward a close house.

Suddenly he man tripped and fell on the ground and he was dead.

The woman screamed and pointed her finger towards the old man and said:" you are a wizard, you killed my husband with the words you uttered"

People gathered up and the police took them to the court.

The judge listened to the story and asked the old man: ' What did you say when you fell down?"

The old man said: " I said to my Allah, Oh Allah, he has shown you his power through me , Show me your power through him"

The judge talked to the woman and said: "your husband felt jealous for his beloved and stroke the man, and Allah felt jealous for his beloved and stroke your husband"

Reality Of Islam

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people who fear allah

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